Win32 Programs

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Toxic gas is bubbling up through a tank of liquid.
Pop the bubbles before they reach the top of the tank.

Programmed in Visual C++
May - June 2004

3D Model Importer & Exporter
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Importer and Exporter plugins for Milkshape 3D to allow editing of
character and item models from ALTAR Interactive's UFO: Aftermath game.

Programmed in C/C++
May 2004

Links to ALPine web site

The Aftermath Lua Plugin Engine enabled plugin style mods for UFO: Aftermath.

Programmed in Visual C++, C and Lua
November 2003 - January 2004

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A simple Pong game I made on a rainy day and took about 6-8 hours. Use the left and right mouse buttons to move the paddle.

Programmed in Visual C++ 6 using MFC
August 2002

UFO Crash Simulator
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Not as good as it sounds :-)
Choose a height and direction and watch a UFO crash into a random landscape. The UFO can bounce and dig into the terrain. I wrote this after making a post about some ideas for X-COM: Genesis on the X-COM newsgroup suggesting that it would add to the gameplay is the UFO's crashed realistically and could land upside down, on their edge or even broken into pieces.
Unfortunately the game was cancelled and X-COM as a series as a whole has effectively disappeared.

Programmed in C++ Builder.
April 1999

Hue Converter
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This program takes a GIF image file and converts colours of one hue to another. The program is a proof of concept for the EDF Project to see if one base image file could produce many different in-game images with distinct colour schemes.

Command line program, made in Visual C++
July 2001

Tron 2
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Who hasn't made a Tron "Lightcycles" game? This one's in QBASIC. If you have Win9x you can find QBASIC on the installation CD in the MSDOS section.

Programmed on and off from 1995-1997.

Windows CE (PocketPC 2000) Programs

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Pop the bubbles before they reach the top of the screen. For ARM CPUs.

Made with Embedded Visual C++ 3.0
September 2001