The Ts start in the main base of a multi-building complex at the North
end of the map. The CTs start at the South end near the entrance to the

There are 4 ways into the T base:

To the West is the Loading Bay. There are lots of boxes etc for cover
and a high-speed truck to get the CTs to the main base quickly. Some
of the boxes have explosives inside so be careful.

To the East is the Generator Room. The noise of the generator will
obscure footsteps, making this route useful for stealth attacks.

The central building is Data Operations. The door between the main
base and Data Ops can only be opened from the CT side. Look out for
the damaged computer, its not attached to the wall very well.

There is a vent into the main base from the roof. It may look like
a two person job to get to it, but it can be done with one.